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Consultancy services for organizations and teams.

Do you recognize next challenges within your organization?

How to.. 

  • get an overview of projects, programs or just different tasks of the teams
  • monitor the status and keep track of related costs (versus budgets/estimates)
  • resolve process bottlenecks/delays (which are like ‘traffic jams’)
  • find with teams best ways to reach goals (like setting the ‘optimal route’)
  • embed that way to stay on-track (via visual boards, like a ‘car-navigator’)
  • adjust the path when the environment is changing (when hitting roadblocks or stormy weather)

SPVS Consultancy can navigate your organization/teams to find, unlock and accelerate the path to grow, thrive and optimize.

  • Delivering insight into business, inventory or process performance
  • Improving productivity or customer experiences
  • Integrate the changes with a learning mindset into day-to-day operations

This will be done independent, integer and in an innovative way with a structured approach via an unique developed i³-formula:

  • Insight: dashboard insight (via statistics, reports, KPIs) will actually indicate where you stand on path A -> to B.
  • Integrate: changes / projects are more effective if attention is paid to: Process & People & System, where interactions for a long-term and sustainable solution are important.
  • Improve: making optimal use of the people & resources (minimum waste / variation) so that customers get reliable services / goods with the expected added value. Here communication, knowledge sharing and teamwork will be essential, with creative solutions resulting in better products and services.

My approach: with a win-win and positive mindset, any challenge will be overcome by applying known best practice methods and tools (LEAN, SixSigma, Project Management, etc.).

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