Consultancy services for agriculture business owners, managers, leaders and teams.

Do you recognise next challenges?

  • Missing insight into business, inventory or process performance
  • Difficult to improve productivity or customer experiences
  • Struggle to integrate the changes in day-to-day operations & keep learning

SPVS Consultancy will help to resolve it, provide solutions and deliver a return on investments. This will be done independent, integer and innovative with a structured approach via an unique developed i³-formula:

  • Insight: dashboard insight (via statistics, reports, KPIs) will actually indicate where you stand on path A -> to B.
  • Improve: making optimal use of the people & resources (minimum waste / variation) so that customers get reliable services / goods with the expected added value. Here communication, knowledge sharing and teamwork will be essential, with creative solutions resulting in better products and services.
  • Integrate: changes / projects are more effective if attention is paid to: Process & Human & System, where interactions for a long-term and sustainable solution are important.

 With a win-win and positive mindset, the challenges will be overcome by applying known best practises methods and tools (LEAN, SixSigma, etc.) and see more info under About.

More specific examples of potential challenges / problems 

Missing insight into business, inventory, project or process performance

  • Taking long to report on up-to-date sales, margins or performance data
  • Complex budget, plan or (rolling) forecast process
  • Unclear inventory position and significant write-off
  • Project control difficulties with schedule delays, over-budget or quality risks
  • Change portfolio misaligned (with strategy, key stakeholders and funding)
  • Variable or unpredictable process lead-times impacting customers

Difficult to improve productivity or customer experiences

  • No time to run improvements next to operations
  • Customer complaints increasing or not solved timely
  • Risk staying behind as competition is investing in digital-farming tools
  • Ideas miss solid cases to allocate funds for ‘best’ (strategic) projects
  • Unclear how to bridge the gap to a better future
  • Which best practise to apply (e.g. LEAN, Six Sigma, etc.)

Struggle to integrate the changes in day-to-day operations & keep learning

  • Missing resources to lead improvement projects or workshops
  • Time is wasted, work duplicated or more micro-management done
  • Change resistance is difficult to overcome
  • Communication between teams/departments isn’t constructive
  • Teams fall back into old-habits / -processes
  • Missing a continuous improvement and learning culture
  • No significant projects (risk) audit, case benefits review or learning

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