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SPVS Consultancy was founded in the Netherlands at the start of October 2018.

My passion is to help people deliver results, optimize processes and organize projects.
I believe teams can plan smooth transitions by optimal using the available knowledge and resources to deliver a great return-on-investment.

I’ve over 25 years experience within several businesses and delivered international projects, so I understands how to overcome key challenges.
Through working with global teams, I found ways to unlock resources and find innovative solutions.
I’ve worked and lived with my family abroad in different European countries for almost 7 years.

I’m proud of my family history and like to share a few elements that shaped me:

  • My grandparents had a milk, dairy and cheese shop in Heemstede. My farther often helped out in their shop and I’m grateful that this history is part of my genes and roots. 
  • As a son of entrepreneurs (with a do-it-yourself home improvement shop) I was raised with a common business sense and work ethic by my parents.
    – During school holidays I worked at bulbs-farmers to help with the harvest in the village. Through this work I got in contact with agriculture.
    – With my earned money I bought electronics, music, went on holidays and saved parts of it on my bank account for later.
  • I enjoyed my study period and often helped out in my parents family shop (like my dad did for his parents). As my parents were transparent and gave insight, they asked my brother and me to advise on their plans to make strategic business changes.
    – First I helped to transform a part of the shop to a solar-tanning equipment and sauna business.
    – A decade later I helped to retire their businesses and transform the model. Together with my brother and parents we negotiated to lease it to an international supermarket company. As we needed to adjust the buildings, I helped to resolve permit challenges with help from experts advise, my schoolteachers and talks with local political representatives. 

During my mentioned family history the technology innovations & transformations have been accelerated. The trend of those tech-innovations will further impact organizational changes and contribute to transform the world (often in a better way if utilized correctly). 

My life path gave me valuable experiences and skills, so that getting from current situation (A) to a better future (B) becomes more easy and predictable.
I’ve overcome challenges with a positive mind-set, common-/farmers-sense, focus on facts and financial reviews. This helped me & organizational teams to prioritize, to continuously improve processes and to deliver projects successfully.

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Help people deliver profitable results via process insight, improved products and integrated projects for an optimized world.


The teams within organizations can grow, thrive and optimize if the environment is supportive (often with some extra resources to spark energy to take action or transform).

  • Independent advice will give a fresh perspective and provide energy grow, improve and add optimum value to the needs of the customers.
  • Integrity, trust and honesty will make a ‘significant’ difference in order to get from A (current situation) to B (as a better future) and build long term relations.
  • Innovation benefits are unlocked by learning, acquiring new skills, sharing ideas and realizing a sustainable improvement (through practical methods).
    The vision and values contribute to keeping the companies, economies and the world healthy, safe, peaceful and in balance for all residents and future generations.

My unique developed “i³-formula” will make the customer value visible and to guide the path to integrate a changed way-of-working to achieve the desired results:

  • Insight: dashboard insight (via statistics, reports, KPI’s) will actually indicate where you stand on path A -> to B.
  • Improve: making optimal use of the people & resources (minimum waste / variation) so that customers get reliable services / goods with the expected added value. Here communication, knowledge sharing and teamwork will be essential, with creative solutions resulting in better products and services.
  • Integrate: changes / projects are more effective if attention is paid to: Process & Human & System, where interactions for a long-term and sustainable solution are important.

Over the years I’ve gained knowledge via higher-/academic-education and got certified in several methods.
My practical experiences from key successes (and also failures) are even more valuable as the theory was applied in practice (as test) to achieve the best results.
I’ll utilize my unique toolbox combination and find the most practical way to bridge the gap to get from A -> to B.

  • L E A N
  • Six Sigma (6σ)
  • Project Management (PMP)
  • Program Management (MSP)
  • Portfolio Management (MoP)
  • People Centred Implementation (PCI)
  • Qualified Controlling (QC)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

My own toolbox is continuously enhanced through new experiences, connections, courses, seminars and knowledge from books / articles.